Saturday, November 28, 2009

Exploring dimensions of UX & Privacy (ii)

A different scenario is offered by a product that provides a great product experience, a high perception of security; but is technological insecure.

This is where a great user experience, (or at least some core functionality that people want), is correlated with feeling at least satisfied with the privacy and security levels of the product. In this scenario people are either happy enough with the privacy and security they are provided, or oblivious to any privacy and security issues. They adopt, and continue to use the product.

Such products offer a great product experience - social networking tools for example, allow you to stay in contact with your friends! These tools often provide a feeling of security. But in a number of ways they may be insecure (recall Facebooks' Beacon, for which Zuckerberg personally apologized). In some cases, if people better understood the levels of privacy products afford, they may not be satisfied with them.

Consider also the example of credit cards. Credit cards are used by everyone, a lot of people are likely to feel that they are secure method of payment; but in a number of ways (theft, forging), they can be insecure. Convenience and a good user experience can trump even known insecurities.

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