Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dimensions of UX and Privacy

A more detailed way to explore the world of online privacy & security is through the use of dimensions:

As a Design Researcher, for any online user experience, I am interested in:

1. Making great product experiences
2. Knowing that data is securely protected
3. Measuring perceptions of security and privacy

Here are some of the things that makes this area complex:

1. Making great product experiences:
- Better product experiences may require access to data considered by some to be private.
- Better product experiences may require the aggregation of data, that, to some is considered to compromise privacy.

2. Knowing that data is securely protected:
- Data is securely protected until it isn't.
- Security and privacy standards are subjective (though there are efforts to create national and international standards).
- Security and privacy are technically complex (but it can be figured out).

3. Measuring perceptions of privacy and security:
- Satisfaction with privacy is subjective - not everyone has the same privacy needs or desires.
- Measuring privacy satisfaction is complex (but it can be figured out).


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